Jewellery care instructions

Jewellery care instructions


Liquid glass and enamel are resins. In order to preserve their appearance and shine, we should not expose these jewels for a long period of time to moisture and the sun and sea water.


Plating is a special technique where the craftsman applies a thin layer of metal – gold, rhodium, silver, platinum or another metal – and the jewelry acquires the color of the corresponding metal.

This color wears off slowly as we wear it and the metal of the jewelry appears. Unfortunately, this deterioration cannot be prevented. But it can be slowed down by taking care of the jewelry and maintaining it properly.

The following instructions concern the maintenance of all silver or plated jewelry
1. Store them properly! Use jewelry boxes or individual lined boxes for each item. It is good to separate the gold-plated from the silver. This way we avoid any stains.
2. Remove jewelry when running errands. Avoid bringing the jewelry into contact with chemicals or other cleaning liquids, as these can cause discoloration. Also, knocks on the jewelry, due to the work, can injure them.
3. Remove jewelry before swimming. All pools use chlorinated water. Repeated exposure of your jewelry to chlorine will weaken its structure. Also, seawater should not come into contact with the jewelry to avoid damage to the plating.
4. Wear your jewelry after makeup. Many cosmetic ingredients, such as nail polish, perfumes and lotions, are not friendly to silver and gold-plated jewelry. These may alter their color and shine.
5. Don’t wear jewelry when you exercise. Human sweat is acidic and can mark your jewelry.
6. Avoid the sun. Exposing your jewelry to direct sunlight runs the risk of discoloring and losing its luster.
7. Take care of your jewellery. Wipe them with a soft cloth before storing them, as when you wear them they come into direct contact with your sweat and natural body oils. You can also clean them with warm water and a few drops of dish soap.

In any case, an experienced silversmith can restore the plating and shine of your jewellery!

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