About me

The world of jewelry has always been magical for me. From a young age, I observed my mother’s elegant and tasteful appearances highlighted by a special piece of jewelry. Each unique in textures, semi-precious stones, colors and design.

This love of jewelry of mine initially could not be expressed as my career took off differently. I studied agricultural technologist and did a master’s degree in organic agriculture. I worked for a few years with the subject of my studies but I was always attracted to the art of jewelry and in the end it won me over.

Salepi Maria

Salepi Maria

I attended silversmithing seminars for a year and these are what motivated me and awakened my inner need to take up this art more seriously. So I returned to the desks and studied silversmithing at the Vocational High School of Larissa from 2015-2017. At the same time, for three years I apprenticed with an excellent silversmith in Larissa.

After years of almost daily practice, my dream came true in November 2022. I opened my own workshop to now do what I love, turning raw silver into a finished creation.

Many thanks to my husband Vassilis for his real support and faith in me all these years for this venture of mine and his important, daily help in everything!


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