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For me, jewelry is a synthesis of many things. I want to give character to each of my creations with the textures of the metal, the semi-precious stones, the enamel technique and the other materials I use. My goal is for them to add color and bring good mood to the people who choose to adorn them!!!

In our workshop all jewellery are handmade. They have been made with care and love exclusively by hand or using simple processing machines. Repeat handmade jewellery is never 100% the same precisely because it is made by hand. This is also the value of handmade that differentiates it from mass-produced industrial jewellery.

Unique handmade jewelry. Our love for women’s jewelry is our energy for creating unique designs! The high quality Silver 925 is combined with semi-precious stones and cold enamel as well as other materials to give us a unique result!


Unique creations

Unique pieces that make you stand out.

Quality materials

All our products are made with enamel and semi-precious stones.

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